TECHsex 2017 is a collection of data, statistics, stories, and perspectives on the experiences of youth, and how they interact with social media and technology, specifically related to their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Through a national survey, interviews with key stakeholders, and focus groups with youth from all over the country, YTH brings together a collection of data, current and relevant statistics that will redefine our understanding of the digital landscape of youth. Beyond SRHR, youth share how their lives are influenced by social media and technology, as much of their lives have moved into digital spaces, like flirting, dating, and even bullying.

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The recommended citation for this report is:
Lykens, J., Pilloton, M., Silva, C., Schlamm, E. & Sheoran, B. TECHsex: Youth Sexuality and Health Online. Oakland, CA: YTH, February, 2017.

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