Terms and Conditions

We value you as a listener and we promise to keep your information private and not sell or trade to any third party. A two way text messaging capable phone and plan is required for text alerts; your standard text messaging rates will apply in most situations. A valid email address is required for email alerts. All messages that you receive MAY include a note from a sponsor – in many cases, this is included so that we can keep the service FREE to you (outside of your carrier charges – we have no control over those!).

By registering for our subscription services we will use your personal information for our own internal analysis, and may occasionally send you alerts for station contests and promotional events that we believe to be of interest to you. Typically, alerts will be sent no more than once per week but may vary according to the stations promotions and events calendar.

To opt out of receiving alerts, either…

  1. For text alerts only, text the word “STOP” at anytime to 5 digit shortcode advertised on this website.
  2. For email alerts only, click on the unsubscribe link held within each email communication.
  3. Email [email protected], clearly stating your email address AND REFERENCING THE SOURCE OF THE EMAILS, with instructions that you wish to be opted out of email and/or text alerts.

Note: Traffic, Weather and other subscription based alerts are managed by an external application provider, and as such you should refer to the TERMS and CONDITIONS for those alerts should you wish to opt out.

In some circumstances you will be charged more than your carrier’s standard rates: This is called Premium SMS or Premium Rate Text Messaging. In these circumstances, any additional charges will be clearly advertised on this website or in the text message communications we send you. Any Premium charges will appear on your next wireless bill, or be deducted from your pre-paid balance. Text messaging and Premium Rate Text Messaging is not available in all areas, and on all carriers, within the United States. Contact your carrier for more specific details. An internet connection is required to access your email account. You, the subscriber, are responsible for the provision and maintenance of all facilities required to access these accounts.

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