NEXT is a mobile responsive website to facilitate access to preventive services, including STD prevention, sexual health resources, and other social services for youth exiting supervised care systems (YESCS) like foster care and/or the juvenile justice system. NEXT provides these transitioning youth with access to a resource locator, information on youth’s personal rights (Know Your Rights), how to be an adult (#Adulting 101), and who to call in an emergency, to assist (YESCS) in planning their “next” steps. NEXT is currently being piloted in Alameda County, and YTH worked alongside transitioning youth and case managers to design and develop the content and visual design in the pilot site of Alameda County.

Vist the NEXT website

This project was supported in part through CDC cooperative agreement U38OT000216-05 and in partnership with the Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII).

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