LEAD: International Strategy Building

The YTH Initiative has demonstrated success in implementing a unique community consultative process to develop national level mHealth strategies for adolescent health. We collaborate with UN agencies, local governments, providers and youth to undertake an intensive exercise that includes literature reviews, in-depth interviews, focus groups and surveys to guide the design of strategic frameworks to adopt mobile technologies to reach youth with critical information and link them to local services and resources. YTH has worked with PAHO, UNFPA and local Ministries of Health and Education to develop mHealth strategies in Suriname, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Sao Paulo, Brazil. YTH has also facilitated workshops at regional meetings of policy makers, leaders and providers in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala to build their capacity to integrate technology into national youth programs. In 2020, The YTH Initiative also keynoted the Switched On Forum in Istanbul, hosted by UNESCO, discussing how digital technology can support comprehensive sex education.

International Strategy Building

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