DISCOVER & INNOVATE: Cyberbullying Designed Intervention & Report

“It follows you home.”

Young people across the country agreed that cyberbullying is not only a common problem, but doesn’t stop when you go home from school. With the pervasiveness of social media, cyberbullying threads its way through a young person’s life and can affect their mental, emotional, and physical health.

With the generous support from Vodafone Americas Foundation, YTH conducted a national study to explore existing trends in cyberbullying among youth to provide information to policy makers, advocates, providers and funders to make evidence based decisions. In addition, YTH is leading cohorts of young people in the Bay Area who are coming together to design interventions to combat cyberbullying among middle and high school-aged youth. Utilizing the youth-centered health design process, YTH is working closely with youth to get inspired to act, brainstorm and ideate, prototype, and eventually test solutions to the growing problem of cyberbullying. These solutions could look like anything ranging from a web-based curriculum for teachers, to a game that parents can play with their children to prevent or react to instances of cyberbullying. To learn more about the findings of the national survey, see our full report or 1-page summary of “Blocking Cyberbullying: Findings from a national study on cyberbullying among youth”.


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