Reproductive Health

As adolescents become sexually active at earlier ages, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest news in youth reproductive health. The following resources include data and scholarly articles on current trends in adolescent sexual behavior, current policies and laws regarding teen reproductive health, and tools for educating youth about sexual health.

  • TECHsex 2017: Youth Sexuality and Health Online James Lykens, Molly Pilloton, Cara Silva, Emma Schlamm, Bhupendra Sheoran
    TECHsex 2017 is a collection of data, statistics, stories, and perspectives on the experiences of youth, and how they interact with social media and technology, specifically related to their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Through a national survey, interviews with key stakeholders, and focus groups with youth from all over the country, YTH brings together the latest collection of data, current and relevant statistics that will redefine our understanding of the digital landscape of youth. Beyond SRHR, youth share how their lives are influenced by social media and technology, as much of their lives have moved into digital spaces, like flirting, dating, and even bullying.
  • Reproductive Health Care by Mail Francine Coeytaux, Elisa Wells, Sophia Yen  Reproductive Health Care by Mail is a paper published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review that argues the need for      programs to disperse contraceptive methods and abortion pills via new forms of innovative technology. In addition to this    article, Plan C and Pandia Health have collaborated to create that CHAT study, which is testing new forms of telemedicine for contraceptive and abortion pill delivery, that are HIPPA-compliant.
  • Epigee
    Epigee is a website that offers a wide range of information about general women’s health topics including pregnancy, menstruation, and birth control. It is an excellent resource for female youth beginning to learn more about their bodies and how they function. Epigee also provides forums to allow users to talk with one another about health-related topics.
  • Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    The YRBSS reports national surveillance data for youth behaviors in six areas, including sexual behaviors that contribute to unintended pregnancy and STIs. Fact sheets and interactive data tables that can be customized by year and subpopulation make this resource particularly useful for grant proposal writing, presentations, and acquiring general information about a variety of trends in youth health behaviors.
  • Teen Help
    Teen Help is a website that offers resources for teens, parents, and professionals working with teens in a number of various health and social service areas. Teen Help covers many areas within adolescent reproductive health, including oral sex, masturbation, and information on healthy teenage relationships.
  • TeensHealth
    TeensHealth website is designed for teenagers and also offers resources for parents. It offers quizzes, a questions and answers section for teens’ most commonly asked health questions, and interactive health activities. Providers, health professionals, educators, and parents can refer youth to the website for accurate health information, especially regarding adolescent sexual health.
  • Today is for Tomorrow
    Today is for Tomorrow is a website designed by YTH that provides information, tips, videos, and humorous links regarding a variety of health topics, including reproductive health and mental health for high-school aged youth. Teens have the option of signing up for weekly health tips delivered to their mobile phone and engaging in a Tumblr site that is also part of the Today is for Tomorrow initiative.
  • Adolescent Health topic
    Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP)
    ARHP offers adolescent reproductive health resources for youth and providers that range from infographics, toolkits, online resources for youth of color, interactive patient resources, and links to a variety of other websites that provide resources for youth and providers regarding adolescent sexual health. ARHP also offers free access to many evidence-based research articles regarding adolescent reproductive health.
  • Teen Pregnancy topic
    Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    The CDC website offers tools for teen pregnancy prevention that are useful for providers, health professionals , parents, and teens. Providing statistics on teen pregnancy, resources to aid clinicians in providing optimal care regarding pregnancy prevention for adolescents, and social media tools and podcasts to promote safe sex, the CDC website meets the needs of many individuals involved in and affected by teen pregnancy prevention efforts.
  • Games for Adolescent Reproductive Health
    Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH); 2002
    This publication is designed for health professionals working with adolescents. It offers interactive, simulation, and word games for adolescents to play to help them learn about reproductive health, as well as a guide for creating your own games.
  • Reproductive Health topic
    Teen Health Law, National Center for Youth Law’s Teen Health Rights Initiative
    The Teen Health Law website provides the latest news in California policies and practices that directly affect adolescent reproductive health and is especially useful for providers. Teen Health Law also has several publications on a wide range of topics related to adolescent reproductive health policies and rights, including California minor consent laws and child abuse reporting.
  • Teenage Health Freak
    Teenage Health Freak is designed to educate teens about several topics in adolescent health, including reproductive health, alcohol and drug use, and body image. Teenage Health Freak has a platform for teens to submit anonymous health questions that a medical doctor will answer, in addition to health quizzes to test teens’ knowledge about various health topics.
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