Evidence-Based Programs

Evidence-based programs provide an informed and scientifically-tested foundation for developing new programs and research studies in adolescent health. These resources offer insight into which practices are working and what practices need further examination in adolescent health.

  • Effective HIV and STD Prevention Programs for Youth topic
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    The CDC’s website has summaries, publications, and journal articles related to effective and scientifically tested practices and programs in HIV/STD prevention. It also offers STD testing resources and guides for working with LGBT youth regarding STD prevention.
  • Effective HIV/STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs for Young Women of Color
    Susan Pagliaro and L. Michael Gipson; Advocates for Youth; 2001
    Advocates for Youth produced a brief fact sheet listing evidence-based HIV/STD and teen pregnancy prevention programs that have been successful in female youth of color populations. The publication includes descriptions of each program, recommendations for tailoring interventions to target populations, and resources to learn more about the programs described.
  • Adolescent STI/HIV Prevention Programs: What Works for Teens?
    Jessica M. Sales and Ralph J. DiClemente; ACT for Youth Center of Excellence; May 2010
    ACT Youth Center of Excellence offers information on best practices in HIV/STD prevention efforts for the general American adolescent population. They also make recommendations for creating successful HIV/STD prevention programs and provide additional resources for finding more evidence-based adolescent sexual health programs.
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence-Based Programs topic
    Office of Adolescent Health (OAH), U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
    OAH offers a list of 31 evidence-based programs that have been proven effective in reducing the number of teen pregnancies, reducing sexually transmitted infections, and reducing rates of sexual risk behaviors in adolescents. These programs have been evaluated in a number of adolescent settings, including middle schools, high schools, and after-school programs.
  • Evidence-Based Resources Related to Adolescent Health
    Healthy People 2020
    The Healthy People 2020 website offers evidence-based programs on a wide range of topics within adolescent health, including violence prevention, sexual health, and nutrition. Their website allows you to search the articles by article type (e.g. cross-sectional study, pilot study) for faster navigation.
  • SAHM Annual Meeting
    Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine
    The SAHM Annual Meeting is the premier, multidisciplinary, educational event in adolescent medicine and health. The meeting offers innovative research, clinical workshops and discussion forums for attendees of diverse disciplines and from around the world.

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