White Paper: Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Digital Age

Do you want to know how young people are using social media, mobile phones, search engines, and websites like Wikipedia to learn about sex?

Stay tuned for the final results of this important research! In the meantime, check out YTH’s first review of this data: TECHsex USA: Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Digital Age. Written by YTH and thinktank, and funded by the Ford Foundation, the white paper provides overview of the youth sexual health and digital landscapes in 2011.

The previous report highlights specific needs and usage patterns of underserved populations, determines awareness and success of various digital services, ascertains interest in new digital programs, and provides recommendations and opportunities for the field of sexual and reproductive health.

To read more about our current report, read Molly Pilloton’s blog post about her experiences compiling it, and stay tuned for quotes, symposium dates, and the final release.

Click here to download the white paper >
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