Teen Privacy & Safety Online: Knowledge, Attitudes, & Practices

Teen Privacy and Safety Online - Knowledge, Attitudes, and PracticesWhen providing health information to teens, it’s important to meet them where they are—on social media and mobile devices. If you’re designing a digital health intervention, consider the ways you can make the experience more compatible with a teen audience. Download the report, Teen Privacy and Safety Online: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices, to learn how to better address the privacy concerns of teens and engage them in discussions around minimizing risk in an always-connected world.

YTH worked with The Digital Trust Foundation and Vodafone Americas Foundation to explore the relationship that teens have with online privacy and safety. We wanted to know how young people choose what to share online, what they do when they feel their privacy is being threatened, and what steps they take to protect their online safety. You can find the answers to these questions in our report, Teen Privacy and Safety Online: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices.

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