NorCal they2ze Tour – Summer 2018

In an effort to spread the word about they2ze, YTH’s Director of Programs, Cara Silva, hit the road for a northern California (NorCal) road trip, where she experienced the beauty, the smoke (uh wildfires!), and the diverse communities that offer transgender-inclusive services in many of the rural and less-reached areas of this (very) populous state.

A NorCal native myself, “going north,” is par-for-the-course in my quest to stay connected to my family and roots. Further, when I tell folks I’m from northern California, the assumed vision is often filled with the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, rather than the majestic Mount Shasta and nearby wildernesses, arrived through the miles of farmland proceeding. The beauty of the state of California is diverse in and of itself, which adds to the interesting dynamic of this road trip.  

With my trusty little rental car, I hit the road north. I had the honor of connecting with many stellar organizations and people who are already offering trans-inclusive services to the community in the rural NorCal region of the state. My trip offered a view into the beauty, hard work, perseverance, and challenges that come with providing inclusive services in geographical regions that may, or may not, be inclusive in nature already (a good reminder for many of us who stay in urban, privileged, and more progressive areas).



Welcoming advocates from these organizations offered YTH an opportunity to share more about they2ze, as well as ways the app can support people in their communities.  In return, they shared referrals to additional trans-vetted resources, located in many hard-to-reach areas of the state (all of which can be found in the they2ze app). It was a 15-hour, seven-stop road trip, complete with pictures. Thanks NorCal!

A special thank-you to the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center at University of California at Davis, Gender Health Center, Tri-County Diversity Center YOUTH!, and the NorCal Outreach Center. We value your work and appreciate your partnership!


For more information about they2ze, or help finding it in the app store of your choice, visit the they2ze project page.


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