YTH’s team is headquartered in Oakland, California, with contributors around the country.

Bhupendra Sheoran

VP of Global Development & Managing Director

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Bhupendra Sheoran
Bhupendra Sheoran has over 13 years experience working with youth and young adults, starting in 2000 when he worked with teenage mothers to provide them with nutrition education.

As executive director of YTH, Sheoran leads the organization, involving himself in grant writing, strategic planning, and representing YTH to the community and stakeholders. He works with the program team to design new media and technology programs. He has designed, implemented, and evaluated text messaging campaigns and conducted social media outreach to reach at-risk and hard to reach populations. He also provides capacity building assistance to agencies that want to apply these technologies to their work especially in sexual and reproductive health focusing on youth.

Now based in Oakland, California, Sheoran began his career as a medical doctor in India. He subsequently moved into public health and got an MBA in health management. He has since worked in South and Southeast Asia and the U.S. in varying roles with nonprofit agencies, the United Nations, and in academic institutions addressing the health needs of diverse populations including LGBTQ, Native Americans, and Asian and Pacific Islanders. His responsibilities have included strategic planning, designing and implementing social marketing campaigns, research, and program design.

Sheoran has published articles in the Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care and the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. His work has been featured in both online and print media including POZ magazine, Aegis, and BAR.

Sheoran likes to bring a combination of clinical and public health knowledge and experience to address health issues at both individual and population level. He believes in compassion, respect, and humility and these are the values he continues to incorporate in his work at YTH.

Rebecca Braun

Head of Programs

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Dr. Rebecca Braun has 15 years of domestic and global public health experience, working with partners across academic, nonprofit, philanthropic, public, and private sectors. At ETR, Rebecca serves as the Head of Programs for the Youth Tech Health (YTH) Initiative, designing innovative solutions for youth health and wellness using new media and technology. She brings extensive experience in program leadership and management, training and facilitation, digital health, and user-centered design, with content expertise in sexual and reproductive health and rights, and maternal, child and adolescent health. She holds a DrPH and MPH from the University of California, Berkeley.

Prior to ETR, Rebecca was a Manager at Global Impact Advisors, a social impact consulting firm where she led a portfolio of strategy, evaluation and implementation projects for foundations and nonprofit organizations. She also served as the Senior Advisor for Digital Health at Ipas, leading efforts to design creative, technology-based solutions to improve access to comprehensive abortion care across Asia, Africa and Latin America. And she has provided independent research consulting services to several global health organizations, including FHI360, MSI and PSI. Rebecca has published articles in Contraception, Global Health Science & Practice, the Journal of Adolescent Health, and the American Journal of Public Health, and has spoken widely about using digital health solutions to improve global access to reproductive health.

Laiah Idelson

Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Lead

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Laiah Idelson photo

Laiah Idelson has worked in the US and abroad in the areas of mobile health, health education, and youth empowerment. As the Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Lead, Laiah supports new business development and provides leadership for the YTH’s innovative digital health programming. Prior to YTH, Laiah worked at the Center for Interfaith Action, FHI 360, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs on a variety of health behavior change programs in sub-Saharan Africa related to family planning, maternal health, HIV, and malaria. She has also worked at the Alameda County Public Health Department leading health equity projects and communications, and has served as a public health consultant for Glow, a US-based mobile application designed to help women track and understand their fertility. She received her MSPH from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Follow her on Twitter @laiahjo.

Ashley McLemore

Program Coordinator

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Ashley McLemore has been a Program Coordinator at YTH bringing seven years of experience coordinating and facilitating public health programs centering sexual health and reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ advocacy and training, as well as, racial equity and social justice. In this role she contributes to a variety of programs related to youth contraception and substance use, human centered design, and working with youth exiting the supervised care systems like foster care and/or juvenile justice systems.

Ashley grew up in Ohio where she discovered the need for sexual health education and found personal and professional growth living in New York City for many years before moving to the Bay Area. Prior to joining YTH and ETR, Ashley worked at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the New York Foundling foster care agency. Ashley has a BS from Kent State University and a MA in Health Education and Promotion with a focus on sex and sexuality. She is passionate about dismantling the ways in which overlapping oppressed identities impact young people’s sexual health and well-being.

Emma Schlamm

Program Coordinator

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Emma S photo
Emma is a Program Coordinator and supports both YTH programs and new fund development. She contributes to a variety of YTH programs related to teen pregnancy prevention and substance abuse, such as Fresno-based In the Know, an app for trans-spectrum youth; they2ze, a mobile application for transgender-spectrum youth; and the Spanish-language site for educational sexual education material on Emma is passionate about the intersection of mental health, sexual health, and substance abuse. She has studied in both Ireland and Argentina, two countries with very restrictive reproductive rights, inspiring her passion for reproductive justice.

Prior to working at YTH, Emma held many direct service positions, including working with young people with autism, Latino men struggling with substance abuse, and Spanish-speaking preschoolers. Most recently, Emma worked at Exhale, the country’s first and only after-abortion talkline.

Emma graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with a BA in Sociology and Spanish Literature. She serves on the NMAC New ERAdication of HIV: Youth Navigation Program (YNP) Advisory Board, and volunteers some of her free time supporting people experiencing domestic and interpersonal violence through the La Casa de Las Madres as a California-certified Domestic Violence Counselor and Advocate. Emma also enjoys exploring new Bay Area destinations, eating her way through the Ferry Building farmer’s market every Saturday, and following more dogs than actual people on Instagram.

Caryn Graves


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Caryn Graves photo
Caryn Graves has been working for YTH since 2005, performing the “nitty gritty” technical implementations that bring to fruition the end products out of initial concepts.

She has worked on numerous projects over the course of her years at YTH, such as websites for health clinics, STD partner notification, clinic locators, SMS reminders, online faxing of prescriptions, and social media campaigns. YTH has been an ideal outlet for her desire to apply the latest technologies in innovative ways for good social causes.

Caryn has a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering from USC and Master of Engineering in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining YTH, she worked as a software engineer in the private sector.

When not helping to forge the frontiers of sexual health promotion, Caryn undertakes a challenge very different in nature but no less in magnitude—the parenting of her two school-aged children. She also enjoys science fiction, games, running, gardening, cooking, and a wide range of music.

Our thanks

We’d like to thank those others that have generously contributed their skills and passion to helping YTH take great strides in advancing youth health, including:

Arai Buendia, Jessica Ken, Jade Lopez, Joseph Negrido, Nick Newton, Zach Seidl, Jasmine Smith, Evonne Smith, Aileen So

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