they2ze Goes to SF Pride and the 2018 Transgender March

San Francisco’s Trans March took place on June 22, 2018 in Dolores Park.

Alto Pharmacy lent some space to they2ze by providing palm cards and information from their booth at San Francisco Pride.

YTH was there basking in the glow and handing out palm cards to promote our they2ze app. We spoke with many people about HIV prevention, health resources, the fun of including everyone, and those healthcare workers who went out of their way to do so. If you don’t know already they2ze is a digital approach to connect transgender-spectrum youth (TSY) and their providers to truly inclusive health services and peer support. It is available on the Apple and Android platforms.

Gender Confirmation Center tabled at Trans March. They have been sponsors and partners of YTH for a few years now.

Our time at the Trans March was very fulfilling. Besides sharing the they2ze app with first-time users, we were able to witness something that is easy to forget about. As veterans of the fight, we get so involved in the day to day struggle for inclusive rights and access. So tied up in the minutiae of developing ever new ways to reach those on fringes.

One of our favorite jackets from SF Pride.

In Dolores Park that Friday afternoon, we remembered exactly who we were working for. The youth. Attending their first Pride, painted in rainbows, holding hands with their friends, jumping and running – having escaped some seemingly distant land where they can’t express themselves as they wish. Here in the park, this event reminds you of who we work for, who we wish to reach. They jump and run, smile and laugh, like they can’t do except on this day and in this space. Their energy, recharges ours. March on.

One of us bought ever t-shirt they could find.

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