YTH Receives Digital Trust Foundation Grant!


We have exciting news! YTH is one of 24 organizations receiving $3 million in grants from the Digital Trust Foundation. The grants are going to organizations working in online privacy and security and the recipients include universities, non-profits, and community organizations.

The Foundation’s board of directors decided to focus on five key areas for this year’s grantees:

  1. privacy education for youth;
  2. understanding socioeconomic status and online privacy and security;
  3. assessing, preventing, and addressing digital abuse;
  4. general funding for promotion of online privacy, safety and security; and
  5. innovation in privacy enhancing technology.

We are a part of the first round, which decided who would be awarded grants for areas 1 and 4 and included $1.4 million dollars of grant money. YTH was awarded a grant in area 1, under the subheading of Online Privacy Campaigns for Youth.  The funding will be used for a “youth centered participatory design approach to design a national online privacy campaign that targets youth ages 13-17.”

The Digital Trust Foundation has noted that they’ve discovered research related to online privacy relating to those in lower socioeconomic classes is severely lacking and is going to help fund services outside of these grants to help change that. As YTH is a part of this group of grant awardees, were proud to be expanding the research and public discourse around this area, especially as it concerns young people.

The second round of grantee’s focused in issue areas 2 and 3 will be announced in the summer and we are looking forward to seeing who else will join the Digital Trust Foundation Grant family!


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