4 Youth-Centered HIV Testing Campaigns that Rock

HIV Testing Day is on June 27, and we’re highlighting youth-centered campaigns that educate and empower young people to get tested to HIV. As is true with most social and public health issue of our time, young people are at the forefront of creating change around HIV in our society. From young activists sharing their stories online to youth-led change-making on the ground, youth are leaders in the movement to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.



Youth working together to fight HIV/AIDS stigma? That’s exactly the heart of this youth-led organization which works toward creating a world without HIV/AIDS. Their mission is simple; to end HIV/AIDS by the year 2030. How are they doing it? Through empowerment, raising awareness, direct action, and lobbying politicians.Their Missing Medicines campaign urges the World Health Organization and UK government to develop new technology that improves access to medicine for people living with HIV.


National Youth HIV + AIDS Awareness Day

Advocates for Youth are no stranger to youth  health and wellness, and National Youth HIV + AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD) is one of the ways they highlight the unique needs of youth. Held annually on April 10, NYHAAD focuses on raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and getting youth involved in advocating for better education and policies around HIV/AIDS, and the campaign spans multiple social media platforms, film screenings, tweet chats and more. NYHAAD is just one of many youth-centered campaigns from Advocates for Youth. If you haven’t already, check out their Bill of Rights, YouTube channel, and Youth Ambassador Program.


Get Yourself Tested

Get Yourself Tested is one of the largest and most successful youth-focused STD prevention campaigns ever created. GYT’s messaging target young people 25 and under with STD and HIV testing and encourages people to know their status. Get Yourself Tested is part of MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life campaign, which supports young people to make healthier decisions about their sexual health.



HIV Equal is a multimedia campaign that seeks to end HIV stigma and promote the importance of testing through a “social art movement” that challenges the dominant narratives and ways of thinking about HIV that are present in the mainstream. For the campaign, those affected by HIV pose for photos that share an empowering message of equality, followed by the phrase “I am HIV equal.” With the stigma associated with living with HIV, this campaign sends a great message of equity, rehumanizing those affected by the virus.

What youth-centered HIV testing campaigns would you like to see featured? Tweet us at @YTHorg and we’ll highlight your favorite campaign.

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