Welcome, Treva! Get To Know Our New Intern

Treva Obbard, 2014 Summer Intern

Treva Obbard, 2014 Summer Intern

Our Executive Director Jamia Wilson interviewed the newest addition to the YTH family, our intern Treva Obbard. Treva is a rising sophomore at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and quite possibly the world’s biggest The Colbert Report fan.

Jamia and Treva discussed social media, stereotypes about youth, Star Wars, and sexual health. Here’s a transcript of their chat:

Jamia: Where are you from?

Treva: Albany, CA

Jamia: Where do you attend school and what’s your major?

Treva: I just finished freshman year at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore. I’m a Writing Seminars major, so named because all classes in the department are seminar-style, 10-20 people. We edit each other’s work a lot and I really like it. Next semester I’m going to start minoring in Global Environmental Change and Sustainability, which sort of approaches environmental science from the humanities side, dealing with society, culture, and public policy as well as science. But writing is really my preferred subject, particularly fiction.

Jamia: What do the words youth+tech+health mean to you?

Treva: The smart-aleck in me offers dictionary definitions of each word, but in combination, in this organization, it’s about using technology – websites, phone apps, social media – to educate teens and young adults about sexual health, where schools and society at large tends to fall short.

Jamia: What are you most excited about learning, doing, and sharing this summer?

Treva: I look forward to refining my communication skills in different online platforms, from newsletters to Facebook, amd generally learning how an organization like YTH works.

Jamia: Do you have any secret talents? What are they?

Treva: I can bend my knees backwards, recite pi to 46 digits, and rhapsodize about several different book series for far longer than most people would care to listen.

Jamia: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your generation? How can we work together to change this?

I’ve heard people complain that teens these days are anti-social, because we always have our phones out to check Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Do those people listen to what they’re saying? Do they understand the concept of a social media site? My generation is more connected to each other than ever before, as well as to people across the globe who we may never meet face-to-face, and together we can – we will, we already have! – build/built marvels.

Jamia: What or who inspires you the most in the world?

Treva: Science isn’t my thing, but the speed with which humanity develops new technology is mind-blowing. I mean, 3-D printers. Stop for a moment and realize how cool that is. Also, people themselves, each individual so complex and interesting. Humans are so fascinating; I love creating new ones in fiction, and new environments and cultures for them to live in.

Jamia: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Treva: The simple answer is Star Wars-style telekinesis, where the size of the thing is irrelevant to my ability to move it. The more complex answer is the superheroine Renaissance, whose personality, skillset, costume and backstory I’ve had thoroughly constructed in my head since I was sixteen.

Do you love Treva’s wit and wisdom as much as we do? Keep up with her writing on the YTH blog all summer long.

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