Trends That Will Shape the Tech Industry in 2019

Written by: Taylor Ryan, CEO at Klint Marketing

Technology continues to bring about major changes in all aspects of life. Digital is no longer merely a concept, as it has become completely ingrained into our culture. This, in part, has been brought on by the younger generations, who are early adopters of technology. They have helped spread social media to the masses, influenced what content we consume, are constantly connected, and will be the programmers of tomorrow. Technology is the primary driving force that’s shaping the new generation.

The pace of innovation in this larger than life industry is unmatched and it is likely to go beyond human control in years to come. The year 2018 saw the emergence of technology-driven innovations in edge computing, cloud integration, machine learning, cyber-security, IoT, and Bitcoin (although this is just the beginning). The following trends must be looked out for as these will shape the tech industry in years to come, in ways that are unimaginable at present.

Digital Presence Online

Internet connectivity is rising, and so is the concept of digital identity. It is estimated by tech experts that in the years to come, more than 80 percent of the world population is likely to have a “digital presence”. During 2015, this accounted for only 40 percent of the global population and seems to be escalating fast. Soon, even the most private and reserved will find their place online. Thus, digital life will intertwine with physical presence and connectivity issues will be mitigated.

Free Data Storage

Every day, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. That number is more than what we can comprehend (literally) and it is accelerating at a rapid pace. In a few years’ time, around 90 percent of the world population will be able to access and enjoy unlimited and free-of-cost data storage facilities and services.

In the present era, there are a number of companies that specialize in the provision of free data storage services like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive. This trend is likely to rise in the future where you will be able to enjoy unlimited storage of your personal content. The cost of a hard drive is continuing to decrease too, and for every gigabyte of storage, you’ll continue to pay less.

Driverless Cars

McKinsey reports that driverless cars are a technology that will disrupt the automotive industry, but that this technology hitting the mainstream still remains a decade away. The technology hasn’t quite caught up with the concept just yet, but we are seeing autonomous Teslas and Ubers hitting the headlines but for all the wrong reasons.

The new tech is under attack from all sides. The slightest slip up is blasted to the public for all to see, with car crashes of autonomous vehicles going viral. And while this is causing a lack of trust among the public, it is those who are embracing the technology that researchers are worried about. Drivers that feel safer in these vehicles generally feel less inclined to stay cautious on the road and can cause more accidents. While these vehicles are autonomous, they aren’t quite 100% safe.

Robotic Pharmacist

Robots have arrived, especially in the manufacturing industry. And their number is likely to rise in the coming years. Keep an eye on the pharmacy industry, and you will probably find more robots fetching your prescription for you. It is predicted that by 2021, the U.S.A. will have its first robot pharmacist, allowing a seamless and speedy process of sharing medicines across the country. Additionally, robot machines will be used along with 3d printers to assist doctors in research, organ transplantation, and artificial organ development.

Implantable Mobile Phone

Smartphones have already been embraced by the world as a much-needed device that one cannot live without. Another trend that is likely to emerge in this industry is of implantable mobile phones that you will be able to access like pacemakers and cochlear implants. Implantable technologies are likely to become more widespread by 2025, as per predictions, and people are looking forward to having experienced a phone call via a technological innovation as advanced as this one.

3D Printed Products

3D printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing, is likely to become much more prevalent in the years to come. These printers are currently expensive, but incredibly powerful. In years to come, it is expected that this technology will pick up the pace and other industries will succumb to its benefits and the resulting cost savings. In 2017, half a million 3D printers were sold, which is an increase of 52 percent year on year.

User Experience

It is popularly known as UX design. The process focuses on ensuring enhanced user satisfaction by making improvements in factors such as simplicity, accessibility, and product interaction. So, changes to user experiences may come in various forms, for instance, seamless integration with different payment gateways to allow for online shopping.

Introducing apps to allow access to your product portfolio and content, keeping in check transparency, simplicity, and accessibility counts as enhanced user experience. Alterations to such experience are likely to be made in years to come. With technology, the aspects of transparency and accessibility go up and you gain more satisfied and content consumers.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is one of the biggest shifts that the financial industry has experienced to date, and it is becoming widespread among the different industry. This kind of marketing has been influenced by our constant connectivity online, and between multiple channels. It is no longer enough to market in the traditional sense. Now, you need to get seen in as many places as possible, as customers aren’t likely to make a purchasing decision until they have had multiple exposures to your product/service.

You cannot expect a substantial or large-scale interaction of the customer with your particular product if you remain on a single channel. So, one must expand beyond one means. Improvements in this particular aspect are likely to come, so sit back, relax, and wait for technology to do its job.


Technology evolves at a rapid pace and so do the trends. What is relevant this year will likely become insignificant the year after. These are trends that one must keep an eye out for and take advantage. If companies and individuals remain unaware of the upcoming trends and lack relevant planning, they’ll quickly become old news. Embrace the technologically driven trends, and have the upper hand as the early adopter! Can you survive a lost opportunity as beneficial as this one?



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