The One Thing You Need to Know If You’re a Woman in Tech

Type “women in technology” in the Google search bar and you’ll see words like “we have a long way to go”, “gender pay gap” and “#MeToo.” This is perhaps unsurprising. Earlier this month 20,000 Google employees protested over how Google handles cases of sexual misconduct, gender inequality and systemic racism. Leaving many women to voice: “We’re done with not being taken seriously.”

This sentiment is echoed in the Women in Tech Survey Report 2018 by Ivanti, where 63% of women in technology cite ‘being taken seriously’ as the number one challenge faced by women working in the sector. This is swiftly followed by ‘having no female role model’ (43%) and the ‘gender pay gap’ at 40%.

However, in the same search, new words are beginning to permeate. Words like “#EmpowerHer”, “successful women in STEM” and “women advancing technology.” It is the positive Reboot Digital Marketing Agency wanted to focus on.

In analysing Ivanti’s report, Reboot Digital Marketing Agency felt inspired to highlight the advice women would give to young women starting a career in tech.

To achieve this, Reboot designed a graphic to showcase data collated by Ivanti from more than 500 women working in technology across the globe. The number one piece of advice women would give to young females starting a career in tech? Know your worth!

It’s tempting when joining a male-dominated industry to try to blend in. You may attempt to hide feminine traits or pretend to have an interest in things that you don’t. But 16% of women working in technology share how important it is to ‘try and stand out.’ Today, building a personal brand that is authentic is the key to success.

Lastly, it could be an idea to ‘brush up on your maths/science skills’ with 13% of women working in the tech sector recommending doing so.

Naomi Aharony, managing director of Reboot Digital Marketing Agency, offers this advice to young women starting out in tech:

“I believe women should have confidence in their abilities – don’t be afraid to take the plunge into the tech industry! If you have the drive and passion to succeed, then you are halfway to achieving success.”


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