Join Us at the National Sex Ed Conference to Growth Hack Your Social Media Strategy

In my six years of professional experience working in social media and marketing, the most common complaint I hear from organizations large and small is that they don’t have enough resources to devote to communications. Whether they are short-staffed, lack a marketing budget, or don’t have the expertise on their staff to execute, there always seems to be a reason that people can point to as to why they’re not able to properly use online tools to disseminate their programming and messages.

The truth is, you don’t need a lot (if any) resources to properly execute a communications strategy. We at YTH are a perfect example of this, as we have a full-time communications staff of one (who also works remotely), a very small marketing budget, and rely on self-created tools in order to get the job done. But get the job done, we have— through our strategy, YTH has been able to retain over 13,000 followers on social media, house an email list of over 5,000 subscribers, and attract over 400 people to our YTH Live conference, each year.

Intrigued? Seeing first-hand how a lack of resources shouldn’t stand in the way of organizations being able to reach their communications goals, I designed a workshop that will teach you how you can make this same level of impact. Instead of spending your days scrolling through social media and wondering when you’ll finally be able to attract followers, join me at the National Sex Ed Conference to learn how to growth-hack your comms strategy.

This workshop, “Small Comms for Big Results,” will be presented at NSEC on Friday, April 5th at 11am, as a part of their fifth block of workshops. If you’re already registered and attending, I can’t wait to see you at the conference! If you would like to attend, learn more and book your ticket here.

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