IGNITE: 10 Overexcited YTH Live Participants

YTH Live 2015’s theme is IGNITE. We’ll inspire one another to switch on, generate energy and ideas, and shine brighter in this world.

Some folks have been taking the theme a little seriously though, and have been igniting their lives in, um, different ways… We’d love to have them all at YTH Live 2015, and we’d love to have you too. Register online here for the conference April 26-28 in San Francisco.

Meet our over-enthusiastic igniters and #donttrythisathome:

  1. This kid who just wanted to be a fire eater
    boy eats flame
  2. Tom Hanks…
    tom hanks
  3. Neil DeGrasse Tyson…
  4. This dog who’s all in
    lord of the flame
  5. This dude singing karaoke who has no idea how bright he’s burning
    burning head
  6. This guy whose legs were too warm
    yoga fire
  7. This guy who didn’t realise you should pour gas on a fire before you light it
    dude and petrol
  8. This teacher who summons fire
  9. This daschund fire brigade
  10. This guy who swallowed a flame thrower and still got a cold
    sneeze fire

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