Back to School: College Students Wise Up

college students campus safety appYou might think pens, paper, and binders when you think of back to school. But, if you’re a parent of a new college student, hold onto your hats, because it’s time to start thinking condoms.

Your first year students (formerly called freshmen) are going to go through an orientation program that covers acquaintance rape and sexual assault, safer sex, binge drinking, and—if they’re lucky—the “Freshman 15,” otherwise known as healthy eating on campus.

Incoming college students may be asked to download Circle of 6, the campus safety app for U.S. college students, to pick up some free condoms, or to download the Teens in NYC Mobile App to connect students to low cost health providers. They may even learn during orientation how to make their relationships “Facebook Official.”

Yes, parents, your kids have come a long way since kindergarten. Congratulations!

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