AMAZE Sex Education Video Series Is Making #MoreInfoLessWeird

What first comes to mind when you think about sex education? Do you picture an awkward gym teacher fear-mongering young teens with terrifying pictures of active STI infections? Textbooks with inaccurate, medically incorrect information that’s funded with your tax dollars (a sad truth)? Or, what about school administrators urging teens to take pledges of abstinence until marriage when they’re not even old enough to drive a car?

All of these scenarios reflect the sad realities of sex education in the United States, as our culture currently stands. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t work to change it, through personal, political, or social means. In fact, disrupting this culture of misinformation and awkward conversations is exactly the inspiration behind the new sex education video series project AMAZE.

If you haven’t already heard about this innovative project, AMAZE is a collaboration between experts in the field of sex education—Advocates for Youth, Answer and Youth Tech Health (YTH)—to create an engaging, age-appropriate, online sex education resource for 10-to 14-year-olds.

The AMAZE videos provide the answers young people want, and need, in an age-appropriate and relatable format. In the internet age, there is plenty of information at young people’s fingertips—that’s definitely not lacking. But, the quality of the information is often subpar, as many myths and stigmas constitute the sexual content young people are consuming.  That’s exactly why AMAZE provides early access to appropriate and accurate information.

AMAZE also provides resources for parents and educators to use in talking with the young people in their lives, as these videos recognize the important role that the adults in young people’s lives play in educating youth about their bodies, sexualities, and healthy relationships. The AMAZE videos are fun, approachable and facilitate communication between young people and parents, guardians and educators.

This is definitely a project to keep your eye on, as AMAZE’s work has been featured in nationally syndicated publications, such as Bustle, VICE, and the New York Times. But, don’t take our word for it, check out the videos for yourself on AMAZE’s YouTube channel, where new episodes are posted every Thursday.

We’ve also embedded one of our favorite videos from the AMAZE series down below, to give you a taste of all of the amazingness (get it?) that AMAZE has to offer. Check it out!

Now with AMAZE Jr.

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