3 Condom Month Videos that Break the Mold


Wondering how to engage youth in conversations about condoms? It doesn’t have to be tricky. Condoms are part of our modern culture, and young people follow the age old trend of being more comfortable about sex than previous generations (don’t even get us started on sexting and emojis). Point is, regardless of bodily ability, housing situation, or sexual orientation, youth know about condoms—even if they sometimes use them as water balloons.

For National Condom Month, we’ve highlighted three outside-the-box videos that engage young people in condoms and taking care of their sexual health. Because even though sex is serious, teaching about condoms doesn’t need to be based on fear or shame.

Putting on a Sock

The lessons learned in sex education classes are something that people use for the rest of their lives. However, not all schools offer comprehensive sexuality education, which includes info about condom use. And some schools prevent educators from even discussing basic facts. In a world where Keeping Up With the Kardashian has more seasons than I Love Lucy, and sex is ALL over the media, missing out on sex ed doesn’t send the right message. This high school teacher decided not to be de-feeted by his school’s ban on sexual education. With over a million views, watch him toe the line Mississippi draws for what it allows in sex ed.

Flavored Condom Taste Test

This video from YouTuber Zack Arad, perfectly captures how youth are using social media to educate others and make sexual and reproductive health fun. He starts off the video saying he got tested because he wants to have a healthy baseline for future sexual activity, then gives a little intro into what one can expect from getting tested (“you don’t even have to give blood for the HIV/AIDS [sic] test”), before laughing about how many flavored condoms the nurse gave him. Double points for saying they are for oral sex. Triple points for the seven different flavors. He proceeds to taste test each one on a banana and gives us a rundown of each flavor, all the while maintaining a fun, positive attitude about sex (“Vanilla sextract”). He ends it by saying it’s okay to get tested, gives advice if someone is nervous, recommends we be safe and cautious and to go have fun. Zack also does a flavored lube test, for anyone still interested in the culinary art of safe sex. Overall, he’s adorable to watch, and I’m now interested in mint flavored condoms—judging by the number of views, I’m not the only one.

Guy’s Guide to Condoms

The word douching doesn’t crack me up. Well, just a little bit. However, the list of names this video has for condoms had me ROFL-coptering (for those of you that are pre-AIM, it’s like the crying eye emoji). Conception rejection. Salami sling. Sleave it to beaver. Chicken chariot. Bone glove. C’mon, that’s gold! While I don’t identify personally with going to the barber, or picking up blonde chicks by saying I wrestle grizzlies, I dig the comedic timing and wordplay that this video has going on. This video is the social media equivalent of lube: easing the way for the information to easily slide in.

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