10 Reasons Why You Need to Attend YTH Live

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I’ve been in attendance at YTH Live for the past two years and I have to say that it’s one of the most interesting, dynamic conferences I’ve ever been to. Not only does it engage you on an academic level (trust me, you’ll learn a lot!), but it also is a great venue to find inspiration for innovation. I’m very excited that YTH Live registration for 2015 has been announced!

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If you’re unaware, YTH Live is an annual conference hosted by YTH (youth+tech+health) that is focused on highlighting new ways to use technology for advancing the health and wellbeing of young people and underserved communities. It takes place in San Francisco and hosts hundreds of young innovators each year.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 more reasons why you should be in attendance next year:

1) Networking Opportunities:

1 Networking Opportunities

If you work in the field of youth, tech, and/or health, then YTH Live is the place to build professional and personal relationships with next-generation leaders!

YTH Live convenes researchers, educators, youth leaders, and techies (just to name a few), all with passion and interest in improving health for young people. The conference encourages connection and collaboration; many of us walk away with new business cards, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends, and continue the conversation beyond the conference.

2) Engaging Panels and Sessions:

2 EngagingPanels

Working in youth tech health requires constant innovation and inspiration! YTH Live provides a well-curated event with leading programs and interactive workshops to ignite ingenuity and creativity. Learn about the newest cross-cutting initiatives and research, and leave the conference with a toolkit of new resources.

3) Social Media Innovation:

8 LearnInspire

We can’t mention tech without social media, of course! As an accessible and ubiquitous tool, social media has transformed the landscape of health technology. From social media beginners learning how to get started, to experts leading social media intervention workshops, YTH Live is the place to strengthen your skills and social media innovators.

4) A Chance to Engage with Youth Leaders:

4 Engage With Youth Leaders


By working in youth tech health, it is key for youth leaders to be at the forefront of the conversation. YTH Live features young leaders on plenaries, keynotes, and throughout the conference, with encouragement for attendees to tap into their expertise and engage off or online! These leaders include YTH’s Youth Advisory Board, youth innovators, entrepreneurs, advocates, and probably a future president or two.

5) Fun Exhibits (With Free Swag!): There are a variety of vendors and sponsors that table at YTH Live. Some of these companies have included Kaiser Permanente, Qpid.me, Uber, and Planned Parenthood. These sponsors not only invite you to check out their work (and possibly get involved!), but also give out free goodies! Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to network with socially-responsible businesses and organizations while also getting free stuff?

6) The Almighty #hashtag:

6 Almighty Hashtag

YTH always hosts a live Twitter party during the conference, that’s projected onto screens in the plenary sessions. It’s a great way to learn more on social media and get involved! Not only that, but YTH actually reads all of the tweets that are written and uses this feedback to help inform future programming and conferences.

7) Did We Mention it’s in San Francisco?: YTH Live is located in the most innovative heart of the nation; San Francisco is filled with diverse people, great food, and plenty of adventure! The conference highlights diverse locations within the city each year, giving participants an opportunity to get to know different parts of San Francisco.

8) Making Connections: YTH Live offers many valuable opportunities to connect with other tech, public health, and social justice professionals. Not only are the plenary sessions designed to be interactive (there are always Q&A sessions!), but there are networking events and breaks within the conference designed for participants to connect with one another.

9) The Premier Platform for Youth Leaders in Public Health:

9 Premiere

YTH prides itself as being a pro-youth organization that includes youth activists and innovators. YTH has a Youth Advisory Board that not only helps to inform their programming, but also helps to plan and execute the conference! YTH also features many panelists, speakers, and participants who are youth leaders themselves and thrives on it’s youth-informed model. It’s a great place to get in touch with other young leaders and find opportunities for youth advocacy!

10) YTH Live is FUN!:

10 Fun

YTH Live is not a typical conference; it takes learning to a whole other level!

I can honestly say that YTH Live was the most fun conference I’ve ever attended. The energy is electric and the presenters motivating and innovative; there is never a dull moment!
Join the fun! Want to attend YTH Live 2015? It will be taking place from April 26th-28th at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. Register today.

If you want to learn more about the 2014 conference, check out the YTH Live 2014 recap.

7 Take A Dive

We’ll see you in April!



Erin Mckelle (@ErinMcKelle) is a Social Media Intern for YTH. She is an e-activist, video blogger, student, and nonprofit advocate. A fierce feminist, she has launched several projects, including the Fearless Feminism blog and the Consent is Sexy video series about healthy sexuality. Erin is attending Ohio University as a women’s studies major. +Learn more about Erin

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