YTH’s team is headquartered in Oakland, California, with contributors in Brooklyn, NY, Portland, OR and around the country.

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Bhupendra Sheoran

Executive Director
Bhupendra Sheoran
Bhupendra Sheoran has over 13 years experience working with youth and young adults, starting in 2000 when he worked with teenage mothers to provide them with nutrition education.

As executive director of YTH, Sheoran leads the organization, involving himself in grant writing, strategic planning, and representing YTH to the community and stakeholders. He works with the program team to design new media and technology programs. He has designed, implemented, and evaluated text messaging campaigns and conducted social media outreach to reach at-risk and hard to reach populations. He also provides capacity building assistance to agencies that want to apply these technologies to their work especially in sexual and reproductive health focusing on youth.

Now based in Oakland, California, Sheoran began his career as a medical doctor in India. He subsequently moved into public health and got an MBA in health management. He has since worked in South and Southeast Asia and the U.S. in varying roles with nonprofit agencies, the United Nations, and in academic institutions addressing the health needs of diverse populations including LGBTQ, Native Americans, and Asian and Pacific Islanders. His responsibilities have included strategic planning, designing and implementing social marketing campaigns, research, and program design.

Sheoran has published articles in the Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care and the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. His work has been featured in both online and print media including POZ magazine, Aegis, and BAR.

Sheoran likes to bring a combination of clinical and public health knowledge and experience to address health issues at both individual and population level. He believes in compassion, respect, and humility and these are the values he continues to incorporate in his work at YTH.

David Begor

David Begor photo
David Begor considers himself fortunate to have worked on amazing projects with YTH over the last 6 years, including YTH Live, Today is for Tomorrow, and Oregon Reminders to name just a few.

David enjoys each project for the different ways they educate and excite him. Being a part of YTH has allowed David to participate in the forefront of sexual health education among youth through the organization’s discovery of what works technologically. Each project is a new adventure.

David has worked in design and user experience for over 20 years, from visual merchandising at Saks Fifth Avenue to independent graphic, print, and web design for various companies throughout California. In 2002 David joined forces with his good friend Mike Ryan to create Cold Day in Hell Productions, a web development company focused on the gay community. In 2008 David, his (life) partner, and their son, and moved to Portland, Oregon where he started consulting on web and print projects for various companies, including YTH.

In his free time David is working towards finding the existential meaning to his life through humor, friendships, and self discovery. …Also World Peace.

Caryn Graves

Lead Engineer
Caryn Graves photo
Caryn Graves has been working for YTH since 2005, performing the “nitty gritty” technical implementations that bring to fruition the end products out of initial concepts.

She has worked on numerous projects over the course of her years at YTH, such as websites for health clinics, STD partner notification, clinic locators, SMS reminders, online faxing of prescriptions, and social media campaigns. YTH has been an ideal outlet for her desire to apply the latest technologies in innovative ways for good social causes.

Caryn has a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering from USC and Master of Engineering in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining YTH, she worked as a software engineer in the private sector.

When not helping to forge the frontiers of sexual health promotion, Caryn undertakes a challenge very different in nature but no less in magnitude—the parenting of her two school-aged children. She also enjoys science fiction, games, running, gardening, cooking, and a wide range of music.

Jaime Lebrija

Senior Digital Media Producer
Jaime Lebrija photo
Immersed in his craft among today’s vast mediascape, Jaime Lebrija oversees the YTH production chain. He brings over 10 years of international experience working with youth and education.

In the last few years, Jaime has taught media and art workshops in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and co-produced the participatory media project ‘de la Luna’ at a Casa Hogar in Oaxaca, Mexico. Most recently, he has shot and directed several short films and music videos and is involved in the production of a documentary on the legendary MPC beat machine.

Jaime combines his quest for discovering stories and telling them in innovative ways with his passion for analog mediums such as 16mm film and obscure vinyl records. He holds an MA in media studies from The New School.

Cara Silva

Program Manager
Cara Silva
A seasoned public health professional, Cara Silva has spent the past thirteen years working with youth and young adults around sexual health promotion and disease prevention. Since 2010, Cara has worked with YTH as a program manager on projects like Today is for Tomorrow, Just/Us, YTH Live, and SexINFO, with a particular interest in YTH’s mHealth for youth projects.

Cara is currently building and managing the program for YTH Live 2015—a not-to-be-missed conference for technology innovators, health professionals, researchers, and advocates that is sure to be the most informative event of the year for those working on technology for youth health.

Cara has a Master of Public Health (MPH) in global health from Loma Linda University, a post-baccalaureate Certificate of Humanitarian Assistance, and twelve years of field epidemiology and program management experience in state and county public health systems. She has further served in leadership roles for community-based and faith-based nonprofit public health organizations in local, national, and international settings.

Her passion for HIV prevention and, ultimately, her career in public health has been inspired by the late Ryan White. One of the first faces of the AIDS crisis, Ryan White altered public perception of the disease and demonstrated—to Cara and many others—the remarkable power of a youth voice.

Londi Gamedze

Communications Assistant
Londi Gamedze
Londi Gamedze is a wordsmith and activist, with a passion for young people’s wellbeing, gender equality and education. While working for Sonke Gender Justice in South Africa, she co-wrote a teen novel for a health campaign and was involved in crafting communications campaigns to halt the passage of harmful legislation, to encourage health-seeking behaviors and to hold public figures accountable to commitments of gender equality. She has taught and tutored English Language Arts to adults and young people in various educational settings for over ten years. She loves to learn, analyze and share her thoughts. Londi is an avid traveler and musician and holds a BA in Literature and Latin.

Erin McKelle

Erin McKelle
Erin McKelle is an e-activist, video blogger, student, and nonprofit advocate. A fierce feminist, she has launched several projects, including the Fearless Feminism blog and the Consent is Sexy video series about healthy sexuality. In 2014, Erin will attend Ohio University as a women’s studies major.

Erin works with Scenarios USA as a youth blogger and a co-founding member of the I Will End Sexual Violence campaign on Tumblr. She is a columnist for Fearless Press, where she writes about gender and sexuality; has written for Brainwash Magazine, the Stop Street Harassment blog, and FBomb; and blogs for Facts About Feminism and Period Positive.

Erin enjoys volunteer work and has given her time to numerous organizations such as Wiser (formerly WiserEarth), LEGACY, and In her spare time Erin enjoys reading, writing bad poetry, drawing, politics, and reality TV.

Our thanks

We’d like to thank those others that have generously contributed their skills and passion to helping YTH take great strides in advancing youth health, including:

Arai Buendia, Jessica Ken, Zach Seidl, Jasmine Smith, Evonne Smith