YTH Live: the youth + tech + health conference

Letter to Your Employer

Need help convincing your boss to send you to YTH Live?

Use the letter template below to explain to your employer how attending YTH Live will be cost effective, useful for your professional development, and beneficial to your organization.

Be sure to customize the letter for your particular situation to make it really persuasive.

Dear [your boss’ name],

I would like to attend a dynamic virtual conference called YTH Live on August 3-5 2020.

By attending this conference, I can help our organization stay current on effective health tech trends and tools, make valuable connections with leaders and researchers, and learn new skills and cutting-edge technology solutions for youth health and wellness.

YTH Live has recently announced new, reduced ticket prices to reflect the virtual conference format. [YTH Live also offers special rates for students, adults who bring a young person to YTH Live, and participants from international low- and medium-income countries (LMIC).] YTH Live is one of the most affordable conferences of its caliber.

Attending YTH Live will help our organization develop connections with those working at the forefront of health tech and youth advocacy. The conference attracts over 700 attendees—I’ll have a chance to meet technology innovators, social entrepreneurs, health professionals, researchers, educators, government representatives, developers, philanthropists, youth advocates, and others.

YTH Live is a uniquely collaborative forum that transcends disciplines to advance meaningful learning. More information is at

Thank you for considering my request. I hope I’ve outlined the goals and benefits of YTH Live, and that you agree that I should attend.

I’m happy to discuss this further at your convenience.

[your name here]

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