Staff Interview Series: Molly Pilloton

This blog post is a part of the YTH Staff Interview Series, where we are featuring an in-depth Q&A with each member of our staff. For this installment, we’re talking to Molly Pilloton, YTH’s Youth Innovation Program Officer. Molly brings over seven years of experience in public health to her role at YTH, with youth being the central theme that has connected all of her work over the course of her career. She graduated with an MPH from Emory University, which has helped to shape her passion for empowering youth through global health development.  

As a Program Officer in Youth Innovation, Molly leads research projects and works to develop youth leadership through local school partnerships and YTH’s internship program. I spoke with her about her extensive experience as a public health professional and what she looks forward to seeing at next year’s YTH Live conference.

ERIN: With your expertise in public health what is your opinion on the importance of using tech solutions to address youth health issues?

MOLLY: Technology is an important component of addressing youth health issues for many reasons, but I also am still a firm believer that talking to someone in-person is incredibly valuable. For a number of health issues, especially those that have stigma tied to them, having a safe, inclusive space to find someone to answer your questions, provide support, and empower you to take charge of your own health, in person, is incredibly valuable. I believe that technology is in some ways an equalizer, in that it is the piece that connects people in need to people who can provide, and disseminates information to a broad audience.

ERIN: Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, what are you the most grateful or thankful for in your work at YTH and why?

MOLLY: I am thankful for my opportunities to meet, talk, and work with young people all over the country to reflect on the most important health topics to them, and identify ways we might improve upon them.

ERIN: You’ve worked in a variety of capacities, including managing HIV projects and developing health curriculums. With all of your experience, what did you enjoy the most from YTH Live last year and what are you looking forward to seeing in 2017?

MOLLY: I came to YTH Live last year as a teacher, with a handful of students. It was powerful and moving to see them engage in conversations with other conference-goers of all ages, avidly and excitedly take notes of cool things they were learning in sessions, and experience technologies that were designed to help them make informed choices about their health. I was honored to be able to share that opportunity with them. For YTH Live 2017, I am excited to see even more young people attend (hopefully some of my students will come back!), and continue to have a seat at the table, so their voices will be heard in the process to improve their own health and wellness.

To learn more about Molly and her work, read her full bio here.

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