Liveblog: Kaiser Permanente Youth Theatre Program — Secrets


questions, questions …

how can I tell my boyfriend no?

I’m not gay, so I can’t get anything, right?




Are we going to the game tonight, Eddie? You know it, Monica!



Remember that college recruitment trip, Tyler?

Yeah, Eddie!

Well, I had sex with this girl while I was drunk, and now she’s calling suddenly, a year later.  . . .

What do you think she wants?

Maybe she’s telling you you’re a baby daddy, maybe she calling to tell you you got a disease … you know there’s a whole alphabet of those.

Eddie: have you ever been tested?

Tyler: Yes … all those needles and blood – psych, just kidding … testing is easy and confidential!


Hello teen support hotline.

My boyfriend has chlamydia – what should I do.

You can get a simple urine test at the clinic.


Hello teen support hotline

Sometimes my boyfriend gets really mad and he pushes me / I pushed my girlfriend.

I can offer you tips on place to go for support and how to support.

hello, teen support hotline

(a whole group of callers) Can you get HIV just from being drunk.

No, but if you engage in risky behavior you can be in danger



Montage with music

Secrets …

My ex-boyfriend used to hit me

Never fitting in, I thought about suicide

My obsession with being thin almost destroyed me

Everybody has a secret . . .



Everyone wants to know what’s going on between me and Eddie – we LIKE EACH OTHER, OKAAAAAY.

He always seems to know exactly what he wants, except you see we were at this party where we first met.

Scene: At the party, dancing around with all their friends.

Hi Monica, I’m Eddie, nice to meet you.

Monica: You scored all these points in that game tonight!

Eddie: You just got the lead in that school play!

Eddie offers Monica a ride home, but Monica says she likes him and then they agree to meet up for a date the next day instead.

Monica’s friend – I can’t believe you’re going on a date. Why date, why not just skip the date and go right to the action?
Monica – Because my parents got married in high school, and maybe I can meet someone who I’ll be in love with . . . (Monica gets dating advice from her friend)

Monica’s friend: you need to know about birth control – the gel, the foam, the ring, the douche, the jelly . . . as she pulls out a dizzying amount of protection.
Monica: but these won’t protect me like condoms will. (more discussion of attitudes around sex)



Eddie asks his dad to borrow the car for a date.  Eddie’s dad talks to him about sex as best as he can, and he gets across some of the concepts, but is embarassed and nervous.


Monica & Eddie on the date in their nice clothes; loud music, we don’t hear any of the date. They mime talking about basketball.  He holds her hand, but she appears nervous about it.  She asks him to dance but he is nervous.  They look at the stars together. They agree to go on another date – and then they hug each other … and then Monica pulls him back to give him a kiss.  Monica exits . . . and Eddie says “Ohhhhhhh Yeah! When it happens it’s gonna be perfect, we’re gonna wait.”


Each person tells their secret story with dark glasses on: Eddie tells us about dating Monica.  Then the girl he had sex with at the party. One girl tells the story of hooking up with a girl secretly. Her boyfriend (Brian) tells us about cheating with a girl.  (Kelly) The girl he cheated with tells us about him being abusive and hiding the other girl, and that she’s pregnant and wants to keep the baby. Each says something that means, well, I only did it once. and exits.

Eddie & Monica work on Monica’s lines for Romeo & Juliet, Eddie instead composes a rap about getting sexy with Monica.  Eddie tries to talk her into sex, but she tells him that she’s not ready & it doesn’t feel right for her & asks Eddie to respect her decision & he agreeds.  She asks Eddie if he’s ever “done it,” and he tells her about both times, and Monica said it wasn’t easy to hear but she’s glad he told him.


Monica’s fantasy sequence about sex. Then it turns into Monica giving sex ed to Eddie: pulls out a purse full of latex condoms and tips it out, then does a goofus-and-gallant sequence with Eddie not to reuse condoms, or use two of them at the same time, and to check the date, and not to use your teeth, and not to use lubricant, and makes him practice on a banana . . .


Eddie at the testing clinic, in the waiting room, then his friend … they exit when their number is called.


Eddie & the doctor sit down and she tells him that the urine sample from chlamydia & gonorrhea will go to the lab and you’ll know in a week, and then does an oral rapid test for HIV and tells him she’ll have the results in 20 minutes.  Monica calls him while he waits & they agree to meet in the park in an hour.  The doctor tells him he tests positive … loud music comes in and overplays her telling him info, so he doesn’t hear anything, and then he gets angry. Doctor reassures him but Eddie is still in shock.  Eddie tries to tell his friend Denise but she says “I would kill myself if I had AIDS” and won’t listen to him.  Eddie tells Monica, and she runs away from him and cries at first, and then hugs him, and encourages him to get treatment for his AIDS, and she says she loves him and will be there for him.


Everyone comes back with the phone & glasses and they all call the hotline about different AIDS symptoms.  The baby was born but has HIV & they don’t know how long she’ll live.


Eddie says: Monica & my Dad have been supportive & I’m gonna take care of my health.

Everyone: When you don’t have it you don’t think about it; when you do have it it’s all you think about.

The only thing that has changed is my life … and my life … and my life … and mine.  END

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