Health for youth in 2017

Our Youth Advisory Board welcomes you to 2017! We asked them what changes in youth, tech, and health they are looking forward to in the new year. From consent and community to creative expression and accessibility, see how they set the tone for 2017:

In 2017, youth health needs open discussion and dialogue. We should get vulnerable and ask questions to release stigma. Consent is also a huge part. We need safe spaces to be vulnerable and free.”
-Muluba Habanyama, 23

When I think of healthy youth in 2017, I think of young people not sacrificing their sanity for balanced social lives, education goals and professional responsibilities. I think of young people carving out time to do things they love so their responsibilities feel more manageable.
-Janaya Greene, 20

When I think of young people in 2017, I think it’s a great thing to learn more from both sides, and it’s great to grow from that experiences.
-Joseph Negrido, 23

When I think of young people and health in 2017, I wanna feel unified with my peers and my community. I want to support and feel supported.
-Vianey Twyford, 19

When I think of healthy youth in 2017, I think of accessibility of health care and information being readily available, destigmatized, and able to serve people of all backgrounds and identities in the need to live full lives.
-Yaira Matos, 19

I think of healthy youth having innovation and creative self-expression in 2017.
-Martevia Bledsoe, 21

Tell us what you see for youth health in 2017 and register for YTH Live 2017 to see what else the Youth Advisory Board has to say about youth health.

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