3 Ways That A Young Person Can Ignite Their Passions For Technology & Health


It’s that time of year again; young people are getting re-focused into their studies and getting back into their academic routines. It’s also a great time of year to be exploring new horizons and learning new skills to add to your resume.

At YTH, we advocate for youth opportunity in health and technology, so we’ve created a list of resources and organizations doing great work in these areas, hoping you ignite your passions for tech and health as a young person.

1. Learn To Code Through #YesWeCode

Coding is one of the most important tech skills that youth can learn in the field of technology. Coding opens so many doors in programming and computer science. Many are also calling coding the most important job-skill of future generations, as more and more of our world becomes centered around apps, social media, and smartphones.

That’s why youth-centered coding initiatives are so important. One of the organizations that top this list is #YesWeCode, an org working to increase the amount of opportunity for marginalized youth in the technology sector. You can learn coding skills through #YesWeCode through their Bay Area Codes initiative, which not only gives youth the resources and skills to code for themselves, but also connects them to job opportunities in which they can utilize their new skills.

2. Build Your Public Health Knowledge Through Virtual Libraries

For those of you looking to increase your depth of understanding in health, it’s great to not only take courses through your school and/or university, but to take it a step further by seeking out information and academic research through your own accord. Of course, finding reputable facts and sources can be challenging, especially in an online world driven by social media, but you can ensure that you have your facts straight by learning through the reputable sites like the World Health Organization Virtual Library, created for make information more accessible for young people interested in learning about public health, the National Library of Medicine Library, and of course, any of the resources we’ve vetted here at yth.org.

3. Create a Tech-Startup Through Youth Impact Hub Oakland

Entrepreneurship is a fantastic avenue for young people to learn about innovation, technology, and even social impact, since having a small businesses can work to empower those who are marginalized. One organization working to empower youth through social enterprise is the Youth Impact Hub Oakland, whose mission is to support the development of local, community enterprise through providing resources and investment to youth who face economic disparities. They would like to see youth in the Bay Area create a more just local economy, where there is opportunity and promise for all.

Youth Impact Hub Oakland has many opportunities and programs that are a perfect fit for youth who want to start their own tech-based enterprise or entrepreneurial venture in health or tech, including Youth Impact Hub Oakland website, if you’re interested in joining their organization.

Want more ways to engage?

You can join us at YTH Live! This conference is a fantastic way for youth to make connections, grow their circle, and gain valuable insight into the work that top innovators are doing in these fields. In fact, young people ages 14-21, as well as all college students, are eligible for majorly discounted registration. If this applies to you, book your ticket now to claim your seat at what EveryAction has called one of the top nonprofit conferences.

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