YTH Live: the youth + tech + health conference

2018 Sessions Preview

We’re putting together another great conference with youth-focused plenaries, panels, and workshops galore. Sessions will be added regularly later on this year and are subject to change while we finalize the YTH Live program. Check back here for the latest programs and below for example programs from last year:

Breakout Session Topics

Re-Imagining Research In HIV

What does it take to shift the digital landscape of HIV? Learn how these organizations are addressing the need for a more novel approach to HIV prevention research among youth and adolescents by offering new tools and social media outlets used to collect and redefine data.  

A Direct-To Strategy For Support

Going to the doctor’s office and getting the most up to date medical referral takes time. These programs are bypassing some of the traditional ways we engage with providers and young people and are utilizing telehealth in an ever-changing role. Come to this session to learn about communication enhancement for remote counseling sessions, eLearning between health workers in the field, HIV-testing, and PrEP access.

Where To Go? : Using Mobile To Grant SRH And Abortion Access

Where do you go when both figurative and literal roadblocks deny you the healthcare access that you need? By using various digital platforms, these groups are working to provide and educate users with immediate communal assistance to the everyday hurdles and challenges that they face.

Redefining Family Dynamics For Men Around The Globe

The needs, preferences, and perspectives on family planning is a topic that often falls by the wayside for men in India, Kenya, Mali, and Nigeria. In this workshop you’ll learn how human centered design can be used to shape, engage, and empower men from different countries in the involvement of family planning.

Grassroots organizing

Increasing social visibility among a widespread audience sometimes requires you to begin at the ground level. Learn how these organizers have been using interpersonal workshops, zines, and interactive e-tools to gauge what social-centered health initiatives their users are interested in.

Opening The Discussion On Mental Health

There still remains a stigma in the U.S. regarding mental health issues and though it has changed dramatically over the last few years this session will breakdown ways to increase access to youth mental health and engage young people as well as adults in opening conversations about the topic.

Hacking Youth Health

Hackathons are quickly making new ideas a reality in the youth health sector and are using them to better young people in their area. Learn how these presenters are using new engagement strategies to create civic hackathons.

Conversations About Consent And Porn

Porn has remained a schism for many in sexual health and raises questions about how it affects the perceptions of sexuality, consent, and more among young adults. Join the conversation in this breakout and see just how porn plays a role in shaping a young person’s opinions and ideals.

Empowering Parents To Empower Their Kids

The parent of an adolescent can be the first line for resources and information about sexual health, mental health, life skills education and more. When parents are empowered to speak confidently and passionately about these topics they can make a big difference for their child as this breakout will show.

Inclusive Health For All Youth / Health For Transgender Spectrum Youth

Young people in the LGBTQ community are historically some of the most disenfranchised when it comes to learning about their sexuality and sexual health. Speakers from this breakout will detail the importance of learning from all sides of the spectrum and how to increase access to topics in schools and online.

Global Health: Southeast Asia

These speakers share stories from Southeast Asia of youth-led endeavors to increase access to sexual and reproductive health resources, increasing counseling networks for young people in these regions and more. Hear unique perspectives from their communities and find out how these young people and their providers are reshaping their health.

Engaging Youth In Research

As some of the most active people using technology, young people are easier to access online than they ever have been. Yet reaching them still remains difficult for healthcare providers and researchers. Come learn from the University of Pennsylvania and the Public Health Institute as they share how to best engage young people in research.

Electronic Learning And Networking

Increasing the ability for young people to learn about their sexual health by communicating between each other online, sharing relevant resources, and engaging them with relevant elearning tools is the key to increasing the next generation’s collective knowledge. Hear from these speakers about their past successes and new plans to do just that.

Global Health: Africa

These speakers share stories from Africa of young people combating HIV, building networks amongst themselves to discuss their health issues. Hear unique perspectives from their communities and find out how African youth are reshaping their own health.

Diving Into VR And Games

Want to go beyond digital storytelling? Why not make a game to tell your story for you? Or go even further and make a person live it in virtual reality? These presenters did just that and made a game focused on HIV and STI screening and a VR experience on intimate partner violence.

Bringing Contraception To The Modern Age

From MPTs to mobile apps these speakers are modernizing access to contraception tips and faqs along with pioneering new devices to transform reproductive health prevention. Step into the brave new world of contraception.

Healthy Youth: Beyond Sexual Health

Apps for improving physical fitness and explaining public health to young people are detailed by their creators in this session. Find out how they created these apps and how they were able to bring knowledge and exercise tips to young people in their communities.

Global Health: In The American South

These speakers share stories of young people on the front lines combating HIV, pioneering sexual and reproductive health interventions and more in the American south. Hear unique perspectives from their communities and find out how this region is reshaping their own health.

Workshop: Storytelling Development Across the World

Telling your own personal story, the story of another, or the story of your organization can evoke emotional responses, understanding, and illuminate important issues for your audience. This workshop will focus on effectively telling these stories and sharing them.

Tell Me A Story: How Digital Storytelling Can Open A Dialogue

Walking in another person’s shoes is still the best way to relate a difficult issue. Digital storytelling strategies in turn can help tell the stories of the communities that need it most and open up important conversations that need to be told. Learn some of the successes of this strategy at this session.

Preventing Sexual Violence Through Technology

The next generation of men and women will be raised on technology so how can we use it to help raise them in a direction that prevents sexual violence? This session asks how VR, online curriculums along with this generation of parents can do just that.

Handing Over Power: How Mobile Can Improve Girls’ Lives

Greater accessibility and new opportunities have been made possible by the growth of mobile technologies. Leveraging the power of female voices through this tech will be the key to bridging the gap for young women globally. Learn how these organizations are bridging the gap as they continue to offer girls around the globe a digitized centered stage.  

Recruiting Through Respect

Targeting and amassing the perfect participants for a research project requires the right the balance of outreach and, as these presenters can attest, respect. Learn how building a trusting relationship between participant and surveyor increased retention, participation and results.

Social Media As Social Change

Social media is the new frontier of communications. However, effectively using it to bring historically disenfranchised voices to the forefront of conversations is its own challenge. Learn how these speakers did just that.

Improving Patient-Provider Communication

Everyone should be able to talk more openly to their medical provider, but these conversations can sometimes be a little tricky or just plain awkward! These speakers are working to make that dream a reality and open up lines of understanding and communication between doctors and young people, the lgbtq community and more.

Startup To Sex Ed: Strategies For Product Development From The Tech World

Why not use the viral marketing strategies of the startup world to promote sexual education? Boink’s online platform did just that and has developed an interactive SMS platform, allowing users to text their burning questions to an expert who can help.  

Life Skills: Teaching the Things We We Wish We’d Been Taught

Everyone wishes they had a doctor or teacher in their pocket! These panelists share how they brought curated information to their audiences to help promote the understanding of health related issues.

What Does Your Website Say? How To Do A/B Testing

The experts at Whole Whale show you how to utilize A/B testing to optimize your website. Their enlightening examples include scenarios from Donate Life America and other organizations who were able to use this strategy to increase their impact.

Stay tuned for more workshops and topics!