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Sessions 2017

We’re putting together another great conference with youth-focused plenaries, panels, and workshops galore. Sessions are added regularly and are subject to change while we finalize the YTH Live program. Check back here for the latest program.

Breakout Session Topics

The Power of Youth Voices

For real impact, we need to highlight youth voices. These young speakers focus on personal experience and the power that young people have to tell their stories. When we listen, we can work together to make better programs and interventions for health.

Providers as Allies

Health care providers and clinics are often the first point of contact for many young people. How can we bring these services online and make them the center of care? If you’re a medical or service provider, this session is geared to help you increase capacity and share experiences.

Mental Health Track: It’s Not Just Physical: Taking Mental Health Seriously

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 20% of youth ages 13-18 live with a mental health condition. When thinking about youth health, mental health should be top of mind for interventions and programs. Come learn about these programs that address the importance of youth mental health, sponsored by Each Mind Matters.

Mobilizing Global Health

Come join the conversation about using mobile interventions to bring global health online. These speakers cover everything from online dating to sexual and reproductive health, and seriously enhance the way we think about global health strategies.

Access to Employment is Youth Health and Justice!

We can’t eliminate other health issues without young people having access to secure housing, employment, and income. In this heavily tech world, how can we equip young people with the life skills they need for a healthful future? Learn from experiences as close as California’s Central Valley, all the way to Kigali, Rwanda.

The HIV Prevention Revolution: PrEP

The FDA approved a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) daily medication for HIV prevention in 2012. We’re now seeing a huge interest in making PrEP available to youth, particularly young people who identify as queer, gay, or bisexual men. Come learn how others are making PrEP accessible to all young people.

Advocating for Policy Change

We can create real change when we think about how to take our programs and research and make real policy change happen. These projects focus on multiple youth health issues, ranging from cyberbullying to privacy policy, and consider ways that policy and advocacy can advance youth health and wellness.

Enhancing Systems for Inclusivity

Just because an intervention is created doesn’t mean it welcomes everyone. Let’s strive for total inclusion of all young people in our health programs, and these speakers can show you how. Topics in this session include transgender spectrum youth, reaching young girls, and using platforms like Snapchat.

The Sexual Health Landscape Across the Globe

Sexual and reproductive health is an issue that young people face across the world. Come learn about these projects that tackle issues like contraception access and gender-based violence in places like Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Argentina, and Rio de Janeiro.

Chronic Illnesses and Youth

Despite their age, young people do face serious chronic illnesses. These projects shed light on these issues, including diabetes and substance use, and showcase the use of technology to inform and educate young people.

Tackling Contraception

There’s a lot of talk about how to make contraception accessible, but how do we bring it online and available to youth? These projects talk about how apps can be the solution to the problem, and highlights what to consider if you decide to go that route.

Challenges of a Connected World: Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

Although there are advantages to having youth connected online, a growing challenge is the increasing rates of online harassment and cyberbullying. How can we understand cyberbullying in order to minimize it and make online interactions healthier and safer? Come to this session to hear how young people contribute to this conversation through research and tech design.

Mental Health Track: Connecting for Emotional Wellness

Young people are more widely connected across the globe, so how can we harness this connection for peer support and emotional health? These projects continue our conversation for mental health, sponsored by Each Mind Matters.

Healthy Relationships: Interpersonal Violence and Dating

Healthy relationships can be a pivotal and important part in a young person’s life, but unhealthy relationships and abuse can have serious effects on health and wellbeing. These programs tackle the serious issue of interpersonal violence and dating abuse, and consider ways technology can assist in ending it.

Hey Siri; How can I search for sex ed info?

It’s not easy to search for accurate and uncensored sex ed info online. In an effort to reach young people with this valuable information, these projects highlight some of the challenges and solutions to youth sexual health online.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Just because PrEP is on the market, doesn’t mean we can neglect our work on HIV. These projects focus on the many aspects of HIV, including how to incorporate it into education, how to end stigma of those living with HIV, and how we can streamline access to HIV care in our own backyard– San Francisco.

How to Tech for Mobile: The Basics

Want to connect and learn more about how building mobile technology can be applied to youth health issues? Come to this interactive session and learn how to build a mobile survey or SMS helpline in under an hour. Participants will communicate with youth on the other side of the globe in real-time!

Supporting Parents

“Supporting parents” can mean a lot of things. Parents can provide influence with their own young people, and are sometimes young people themselves. Learn how these speakers are engaging with parents in order to enhance youth health. Some of these projects target parents of youth, while others are focusing on shifting the narrative of pregnant and parenting youth.

Heavy Research and Methods for Youth Health Issues

Data, data, data. How can research help us understand and advance youth health? These three speakers focus on a variety of youth health issues, but have one thing in common; scientific research and mixed methods approaches. Come learn about these methods and each project– you might come out with some of your own research questions.

YTH Live PartnerChat: HIPAA Compliancy and Protection Online

Paubox and Level Therapy present our first PartnerChat for YTH Live. Join us as we consider our experience working within HIPAA guidelines for mHealth and technology interventions, and learn from Level Therapy’s experience as well. Share your experience working with online privacy and health information as a nonprofit, provider, or techie. Paubox is the glue between our programs and HIPAA-compliant methods, and can be absolutely vital for your mHealth programs as well.

Mental Health Workshop

Come chat with Each Mind Matters and youth about mental health and wellness through the power of digital storytelling. Youth speakers will chat about their desires and ideas for mental health programs while Each Mind Matters illustrates how programs can be used to elevate emotional wellness.

Engaging with Youth Workshop

Come experience what it’s like to develop curriculum and create programs side by side with youth. Not sure where to begin? No problem! Speakers from the AIDS Project Easy Bay (APEB) will teach the audience important tools and tips when creating programs for young people.

Stay tuned for more workshops and topics!

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