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As a presenting sponsor, ETR has made three books available for each 2019 YTH Live purchase.

The Basics of Reproductive Health, Book
This teaching guide gives middle and high school youth the basic facts about the male and female reproductive systems and how pregnancy happens, so they can fully comprehend discussions of pregnancy risk, abstinence, HIV/STD prevention and birth control in sexual and reproductive health intervention programs.

  • Offers lesson plan options tailored to the time available and the needs of your students
  • Includes 2 lessons on birth control, one for middle school and one for high school
  • Includes assessment activities to measure student mastery of the concepts
  • Includes handouts, worksheets, teacher pages and a glossary of sexual health terms
  • Great for teaching prior to evidence-based programs that don’t include specific information on human reproduction, or in other settings in which the basics of human reproduction might be taught


Teaching Transgender Toolkit
As an increasing number of transgender people come out, there is an obvious need to provide culturally competent and fully inclusive education and services for this population. Transgender people continue to face discrimination, prejudice and violence. But research indicates that education is a powerful tool in reducing discrimination and creating social change.

The Teaching Transgender Toolkit is a collection of resources and lesson plans for teaching transgender-related information to a variety of audiences, including high school and college students, educational professionals, medical and social service providers, community groups and faith communities, and more. This toolkit enables facilitators and trainers to provide the most accurate and effective practical training, toward the goal of increasing awareness, empathy and skills.

The toolkit includes extensive resources for facilitators: using self-assessment tools, handling self-disclosure, understanding transgender terminology, handling common challenges, creating supportive environments and organizing guest speakers and panels. There are 30 lesson plans that can work as standalone lessons, but also work well combined with others in the toolkit to create a longer training.

Supporting LGBTQ Youth: Creating Inclusiveness
Supporting LGBTQ Youth: Creating Inclusiveness & Equity in Sexual & Reproductive Health Programs helps schools and communities offering sexual risk reduction programs deliver an intervention that is equitable, relevant and inclusive for all students. It includes a Fact Sheet for educators, a sample classroom lesson on sexual and gender identity, resource lists and a discussion guide. This “green light” adaptation promotes greater impact and student success and can be used with any sexual health program for youth.

  • Helps teachers create a responsive and inclusive teaching environment for all students in sexual and reproductive health classes
  • Creates greater awareness of LGBTQ issues for teachers and students
  • Offers constructive, practical guidelines
  • Considered a “green light” adaptation for evidence-based programs


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