Online + Offline Safety


Social Media:

  • YTH has created the following fact sheets to help you stay safe on your social media and new media. The fact sheets include tips for using Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and Hootsuite for Twitter Analytics in your social media efforts.

Download: Facebook Analytics Fact Sheet

Download: Google Analytics Fact Sheet

Download: Hootsuite for Twitter Analytics Fact Sheet


American University’s School of Education

This guide on How to Manage and Prevent Bullying addresses bullying that happens both on and offline. Students facing bullying may encounter issues long-term that may not immediately surface. This terrible issue is still a significant struggle for many of our students, regardless of age. A recent study showed that 55.2% of LGBT students surveyed stated that they experienced some significant form of bullying before graduating high school. Other studies have surveyed that 23.7% of students experienced bullying through some form of sexual comments or gestures.

NEXT is a mobile responsive website to facilitate access to preventive services, including STD prevention, sexual health resources, and other social services for youth exiting supervised care systems (YESCS) like foster care and/or the juvenile justice system.
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