LEAD: YTH Youth Advisory Board

The YTH Youth Advisory Board (YAB) works with the YTH team to tackle health disparities among youth and young adults. These talented, passionate, and diverse young leaders influence the development, scope, and design of our core programs. They apply their leadership and insight to the development of web and mobile technology that can advance health outcomes among underserved populations.

As a reflection of youth diversity, the YAB is dedicated to working with YTH to promote youth empowerment among all youth. It is the YAB mission to ensure that youth needs and interests are considered in crucial decisions that affect them, especially their sexual and reproductive health.

YTH Youth Advisory Board

NEXT is a mobile responsive website to facilitate access to preventive services, including STD prevention, sexual health resources, and other social services for youth exiting supervised care systems (YESCS) like foster care and/or the juvenile justice system.
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