LEAD: Social Media Capacity Building, CAL-PEP

The California Prostitutes Education Project (CAL-PEP) has been serving West Oakland and the Bay Area for more than thirty years, as a place to receive health care, education, risk reduction, and support services to people at highest risk for HIV/AIDS. As part of YTH’s capacity building and leadership development, we work closely with the Cal-PEP Futures youth group to develop social media strategy and campaign to reach vulnerable youth and link them to Cal-PEP services. YTH is providing training and support to the Futures youth group to build skills to create social media campaigns, effective online content and optimize posts on social media.


NEXT is a mobile responsive website to facilitate access to preventive services, including STD prevention, sexual health resources, and other social services for youth exiting supervised care systems (YESCS) like foster care and/or the juvenile justice system.
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